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Two Colours Dipped Cup by Manufacture De Digoin.

Handcrafted ceramic tumblers from French designers Manufacture de Digoin, traditional 17th century design with fabulous new modern colours, like this Moutarde Jaune. These tumblers are all shaped and glazed by hand and each piece is unique and fired at extremely high temperatures to produce a highly durable finish. Fabulous for coffee, drinks or filling with olives etc

Size: Width 7 x Height 9cm

Capacity: 180ml

Material: Enamelled stoneware

Care : Dishwasher safe

Since 1875, craftspeople from Manufacture de Digoin have been shaping garden potteries made of stoneware. Their ambition is to perpetuate a legendary know-how.

Sleeping beauty for many years, the Manufacture came back to life in 2014, when Corinne Jourdain gathered investors to save the company. Her ambition was to perpetuate a historical expertise and to bring back to former glory those meaningful culinary objects.

The MD Collection 1875 was created to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Manufacture de Digoin. This collection translates today’s way of life into traditional cooking utensils, evidence of an age-old expertise.

This collection is structured around useful objects which are delightful to be used every day, to look and to pass on. The collection offers cooking utensils which represent a simple, curious and sophisticated art of living.