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The legendary Blackwing 602 pencil: half the pressure, twice the speed. Blackwing 602 has the firmest lead of any Blackwing pencil (with the exception of the limited 'Steinbeck edition', which alas is no longer made)

  • Great for writing or drawing
  • Firm and smooth graphite core
  • 602 pencils feature a gunmetal grey finish
  • Iconic square Blackwing ferrule with a pink eraser
  • 12 pencils per pack

More than just an ordinary pencil, Blackwing is an iconic brand

with dedicated and enthusiastic users. Stylish design and

durable quality combine to make Blackwing pencils

the favoured writing and drawing tool of many artists, architects,

composers and authors, the most notable being John Steinbeck,

Leonard Bernstein and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Manufactured in Japan, every Blackwing is made of the best graphite

and wood in the world, creating an exceptional pencil.